Well-being Expo & Conference 2021 Autumn

​4-5 Nov  2021  Online​
Organiser:Informa Markets Japan Co., Ltd.


A new event to create a vibrant society focused on "well-being"

This exhibition is a new event that challenges issues such as extending healthy life expectancy and reducing the working population, and proposes technologies and services to form a vibrant organization and society.

Constitution of the World Health Organization says that, "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." In European and US countries, many companies are already working on "well-being management", and experts insist on its importance.

By this exhibition, we will support health and productivity management, well-being, and SDGs' efforts in the health field.

Show Name: Well-being Expo & Conference 2021 Autumn

Date          : 4-5 Nov 2021

Venue        : Online (Zoom)

Organiser    : Informa Markets Japan Co., Ltd.

Supporters   :  TBA

The event has been closed. The next is scheduled to be held around the spring of 2022.

Promotion of "well-being management"


“Human resources” are an important factor that supports the growth of a company.

By adding "vitality" and "motivation" to the "physical and  mental health" of the human resources, we will activate individuals and the entire organization, leading to smooth business continuity and corporate growth.

The era of "well-being"


Escape from the era when working is harmful to your health, and move to an era where you can work healthy and lively.

Create a vibrant environment through efforts to improve employee health and motivation. Improve the performance of the entire organization.


Relationship between SDGs and personal / social health


To make a prosperous society​


Because we have a healthy life, we can satisfy our minds and bodies and make a prosperous society.

We share the common understanding that "people's health is the foundation of everything" and create the goal of building a health infrastructure that supports individuals, organizations and society.


Keynote / Special speech

We will invite key persons from research institutes such as ministries, organizations, associations, and universities to talk about the latest research trends, policies, etc.

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Guest speech

We invite guests to give lectures on successful way of well-being management.

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Presentation by companies with technologies, services and products to promote health and well-being management.


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